The advantages and disadvantages of Cartomizers, Atomizers and Clearomizers

A lot of individuals are gradually using electronic hookahs that seem to be far healthier than traditional cigarettes. These days, due to the various benefits of vaporizers, the demand of vaporizers are more and more increasing. No bad smell, so tar, no tobacco etc make the electronic hookahs that can be rechargeable become the best choice over the regular cigarettes. Digital hookahs act basing on the utilization of a heat factor that can vaporize e-liquid solution. This heating factor is known as clearomizers, cartomizers or atomizers. This vaporizer heating component is a part of your digital hookah that supports your dry herb pr wax. On the other hands, clearomizers, atomizers and cartomizers are products that warmth your e-liquid and then make e juice in the steam form. See more info here.

These products execute the same function exactly, for example, heating e liquid to vaporization temperature. But you can find some differences between these components. Let’s take a look in advantages and disadvantages of these very important components of vaporizers:


Ceramic heating chamber where fluid is warmed is used. Normally atomizers are available in small capacity and they often come in very simple styles. Atomizers are very ideal for leaking. Well, many smokers who love to change various taste of e juices would like to use atomizer since it enables them to change e liquids simply and quickly.

However if you are among people who often vape, you can find this product is not the best because you need to refill it constantly. Atomizers is quite simple to refill but it might be a bi challenge when you use it for large vapers. It is because of the fact that they need to replenish regularly. Furthermore you can not know how much e juice is left within it.


Cartomizers have polyfill stuffing wrapped round the heat coil. Cartomizers have the same design with atomizers but they get a large capacity in order to contain more volume of e juice. Cartomizers are also cheap and simple to refill. Nonetheless they seem not to be well suited with many people because the liquid does not last longer. It is frequently said that cartomizers can keep the flavor of the previous e-juice that you have got.


Clearomizers are known as the latest and the most common among of the three products nowadays, and they also have a transparent, clear plastic container and are round fit. Possibly clearomizer is the greatest quality since the fact that the clear container enables smokers to know the liquid level inside the product as well as estimate the time smokers need to replenish it.

It can be said that clearomizers are the perfect product for heavy vapers because they can hold 1.6-3ml of e liquid. You should keep your eye on its tanks so that you will know when you need to refill it. And you can appreciate your activity without concerning the level of liquid in clearomizer. Although clearomizers are very costly in comparison with two products; they have a longer life-cycle and they are suitable with people who regularly vape.

Well, Cartomizers, Atomizers and Clearomizers have their advantages and disadvantages. You can select one of them based on your individual preference. If you love dripping, you can choose atomizer. If you want to try heavy vaping, a clearomizer will be perfect option.


Vision CE4 Clearomizer

At first, I did not want to try these because I have always been a carto tank fan. However, after I see my instagram feed fill up with pictures of them, I decide to give them a try. Therefore, I picked up a couple from Madvapes. A cartomizer has a heating coil surrounded by fiber fill inside a metal cylinder. Once you hit the button on your PV, it will head up the coil and vaporize the e-liquid contained in the fiber fill. With the help of a clearomizer, the liquid goes from the outer tank which is then absorbed through a wick into the atomizer and vaporizes the liquid. Visit the site to get info about CE4 clearomizers UK.

I was still skeptical when I tried them at first. I filled up my first one and took a drag. I was disappointed because I got a burnt taste. I think you should wait at least 5 minutes after filling before you should vape in order for the liquid to saturate the wick. A fast means to fix the burned flavor if you have completed the clearo is draining and cleansing it completely. That type of set down me to clearomizers for some time but I selected them up again. There is nevertheless some difficulties with them that I actually do not have with aquariums although these exercised somewhat greater for me personally.

Seeping – several falls from base or the top is fairly typical using the types I have utilized. It appears to become really infrequent although I have noticed that you’ll require to close them within 30 moments of filling out order to avoid this.

CE4 ClearomizerBusting- Considering you may choose on these up for around $ 6 if you’ve it inside your wallet and flex within the wrong-way, they’ll break you. I have had one and one break split down at the line dress that is bottom that was possibly my problem for over-tightening.

Burned style/insufficient quality- I’m-not certain precisely what I am not doing correct but I usually appear to obtain a little bit of burned taste despite allowing it to stay before vaping all night. Additionally, I Have observed the taste which sampled great seems when utilized in a clearo to be somewhat diluted, not why with this one but I understand additional individuals have the same manner quite certain.

Opposition/ limitation that was voltage – Others have explained for some cause, on my pride perspective, I cannot vape any greater than 4.0 although I am insane -4.2v. Over 4.2v I appear to obtain a small burned plastic flavor although individually, I really like the quantity of vapor. These are difficult to obtain a great reading of opposition on also, the promote 2.4-2.9ohm that actually makes very the distinction on the VV gadget.

Capability- This really Is not less of a statement than a real drawback together but personally I think it ought to be mentioned. If you should be huge vaper these aren’t designed to be a vaping item. They’ll maintain about 1.8ml of liquid that’ll last than some cartos and an atomizer but would not get me.

To sum up, these possess a large amount of characteristics that are good, they truly are inexpensive, a pride is match nicely with by them and they appear excellent.

How to clean CE4 Atomizer

clean CE4 AtomizerUnlike traditional cigarettes, you do not have to throw away electronic cigarettes after you use them. Therefore, you must ensure that the atomiser always remain clear to have a satisfying and smooth smoking experience. How often you use will have influence in how long the atomizer will last. The e liquid you use will also impact this as well. In the future, impurities in the liquid build-up in the atomizer will lead to a lot of unexpected side effects.

Some Signs You Need To Clean Your Atomizer

Atomizers can quickly become dirty and clogged when using flavored e-liquids. The ingredients creating the flavor eventually accumulate inside of the atomizer when the liquid is heated and vaporized.  There are some e-liquids which are more problematic than others. However, darker e-liquids tend to clog the atomizer much quicker than lighter colored liquids. You must pay attention to some changes when using your e-cigarette when an atomizer becomes clogged and dirty. Below are some signs which your atomizer may need cleaning:

– Drawing air through the device becomes difficult

– Burnt taste when using the cigarette

– Vapor production is decreased and ceases totally

If you have such problems, you should stop using the e-cigarette and clean the atomizer as soon as possible. If you continue using it, it can make the problem worse and you must replace the atomizer.

CE4 Atomizer Cleaning

There are some ways to learn the ce4 clearomizers. You should try all methods before you replace your atomizer.

Blowing Out

It is easy to clean the CE4 atomizer. You can clean it anywhere you want. Firstly, you must remove the atomizer from the cartridge and battery. Then, place your lips carefully on the end of the atomizer connecting with the cartridge and blow firmly to dislodge any build-up that may be inside. You make sure to keep a towel or napkin underneath the threaded end in order to catch any build-up which may flow through.


Soaking is believed to be the best way to clean the atomizer. Most smokers apply this method. However, this method takes time. Soaking includes many steps which are shown below:

– Soak the atomizer in water or grain alcohol for one hour. Do not use rubbing alcohol.

– Apply the “Blow Out” method above in order to remove excess water and build-up

– Continue soaking the atomizer again for at least two hours

– Blow out the atomizer once again

– Let the atomizer dry for a day in an upright position

How Water Rinse

The hot water rinse is able to work to deal with small issues with an atomizer. This is a quicker method than soaking. However, it may not be better than soaking. You must carry out these steps:

– Run the atomizer under hot water

– Apply the Blow Out method to decrease excess water and build-up

– Let the atomizer dry for a day in an upright position

Try using pure liquids with lower nicotine levels in order to get the most use out of your atomizer. These CE4 atomizer cleaning instructions will help you to extend your atomizer’s life and prevent the burning taste which is usually associated with dirty or clogged atomizers.